Social Media_ BOON or BANE

Social Media role in  the campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte against Drug Abuse.


The President Rodrigo Duterte Campaign against the drug abuse by the use of social media is BOON. Now a days most of the people in the society used social media in different motives. The campaign that president  Duterte advocating is helpful , his motive is clear  to end the rampant drug abuse in our society to reduce crime and make a peaceful and progressive country.  Threatening criminals with death is not a crime, he added, and if they’re killed by the thousands, “that’s not my problem.”“My problem is how to take care of the law-abiding, God-fearing young persons of this Republic,” Duterte said.

Drug abuse campaign is strengthen by the use of Social Media. Our president gives us an example on how to use social media with a good motives if some people says that it is a bane they were wrong. If we use social media as our pastime in discriminating artist online and bashing on them with different issues did you think they use social media in a good one? Even in schools students bullies their classmates online and use social media to cheat or use social media for child abuse they are insane. Many people uses social media to let themselves to  be famous all over the world they do not have a good motives. We must be a good citizen to our country and a good neitizen in social media sites. We must advocate things online with a good motives and support every good advocacy to empower it and use it as an instrument for change! Speak out use ICT POWER with GOOD MOTIVES.