Living Beyond your limits A TED talk by : Amy Purdy

Living Beyond your limit Video

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Amy Purdy on her ted talk she gives courage on the people who lose self confidence to live life in the fullest and explore the things that would make once self to be good. As she stated on her introduction ” If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That’s the question that changed my life forever. ” This statement inspires me most. Everyone of us is the author of our own life it depends on how we will make and design our future.

Despite the darkness of what she endure.She never stop on believing on her self and she take the courage to begin a new chapter of her own life. She says “ And this is when I learned that our borders and our obstacles can only do two things: one, stop us in our tracks or two, force us to get creative.” Trials and circumstances is not the reason to give up on life. We must take and embrace changes and use these changes to pursue our dreams.


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